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The olfactory landscape of the market for personal care has changed over the years. There has been a radical shift in the products offered by brand. The brands are looking for unique and new fragrances that appeal to consumers' emotions and liking. SNIFF is the flavour, colour and fragrance manufacturing company from India that is helping brands create an authentic experience for their customers.

We have a technical capability, a creative team and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with internationally benchmarked standards. This helps us to capture the market demand for fragrances required for personal wash, Bath soap , oils, shower gels, Shampoo, skin creams, after shave, cologne and other beauty products. As one of the trusted fragrance manufacturers in India, our customers can find lots of options to choose from us. We also customize fragrances, based on the preference of our clients giving them memorable and lasting signature for their brands.

Our team is actively researching and analysing the market for newest trends. We also have experts from the industry guiding our preparations to suit the inclinations of brands. Our fragrances are inspired from nature and the global trends which play pivotal role in the making our products premium and have International appeal.

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