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SNIFF is the official brand of Shimla Hills for Flavors, Colors and Fragrances product line. The brand thoughtfully captures the core of taste, aroma and visual appeal for use in wide variety of industrial applications.

Flavors, Colors and Fragrances are one of the fastest emerging trends that are making their way into the global food industry. We are all about bringing exhaustive options with thrilling creations, incredible blends and unique experiences for food and fragrance industry.

SNIFF represents our underlying aim to bring;

  • Right Quality,
  • Delivered at Right Time,
  • For the Right Application.

SNIFF is also an endeavour to offer customised products for flavours, colours and fragrances using best of our creativity, innovation and technology.

How a Tagete flower symbolizes our venture?

Tagetes are commonly known as ‘marigolds’ in English. A Tagete flower has a deep-rooted musky fragrance that evokes culture musing. As our logo, it reflects the very core of our venture with its sweet aroma, vibrant color and subtle flavour.

Get in touch with us to get right solution for any food application!